Crystal Meanings

Here is a basic list of crystals and gemstones and their spiritual properties according to most Witchcraft belief systems.  I've included their magickal qualities and other information that I've collected over the years through a combination of research and personal experience.  Read through the list to learn what stone or crystal is right for your needs, then visit the shop to get your own.


Amazonite:  Amazonite is a beautiful light bluish stone, worn for inspiration, psychic ability, open-mindedness and universal love. It attracts fresh ideas and creativity. 


amethyst meaning white moon witchcraftAmethyst:  Amethyst is a purple crystal worn for self-discipline, pride, sobriety, inner strength, peace and self awareness. Amethyst can calm fears and induce peaceful dreams. It is also believed to cleanse one’s energy, making way for new spiritual growth. Amethyst can be worn during meditation to heighten psychic abilities and intuition, aiding in getting in touch with one’s true self. The purple gemstone is believed to help break destructive habits and prevent overindulgence.


 apatite meaning white moon witchcraftApatite:  Apatite is a deep forest green stone, worn to promote humanitarianism, kindness, generosity, sympathy, benevolence and unconditional love.


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TourmalineBlack Tourmaline is worn to promote emotional stability, break obsessions, end negative patterns and to cleanse the aura.  Black Tourmaline repels negativity and prevents spiritual and psychic attack. It is an all-around protective gemstone, shielding against inner and outer harm. It dispels scattered, chaotic energy such as worry and low self esteem. Black Tourmaline is believed to calm the mind and body, helping clear the way to joy. This stone is used to protect empathetic people against feeling the emotions of others.  


black onyx meaningBlack Onyx: Black Onyx is a hard black stone which sometimes has brown striations. It is a stone of endings, banishing and releasing. It is also excellent for protection and warding off negativity and conflict. Black Onyx is believed to boost one's emotional and spiritual strength and self confidence.

Blue Kyanite Meaning white moon witchcraftBlue Kyanite:   Blue Kyanite looks like a blue sky struck through with clouds. It is worn as a general energy balancer, and to promote expression, freedom, breakthroughs, fearlessness and personal truth. This is a great stone to wear when trying to find oneself or when beginning a new phase in your life.  

blue lace agate meaning white moon witchcraftBlue Lace Agate:  This stone is a peaceful sky blue with white running through it. Blue Lace Agate is worn to promote gentleness, tranquility, understanding, communication, empathy and nurturing.   


brecciated jasper meaning white moon witchcraftJasper:  Brecciated Jasper is an earthy brown stone with various organic markings and stripes throughout. It is worn to bring a sense of wholeness, balance, assertiveness, organization, diligence, and perseverance. It is a wonderful "hard working" stone, best worn to help in areas of career and work or in situations that call for steadfastness and dependability.  

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Carnelian:   Carnelian is a vibrant bright orange stone, worn to promote courage, passion, determination, victory, motivation and individuality. It is a great stone to wear to increase chances of success in all areas of life, as it stokes the inner fire. It is worn to aid in manifesting goals, achieving one’s dreams, and directing hopes and thoughts in a productive direction. It is believed to help turn ideas into physical reality. Carnelian is also associated with warmth, joy, self-esteem and illumination.

CitrineCitrine is a sunny yellow crystal, worn to attract warmth, joy and sun energies. It inspires friendship, communication and individuality and aids in manifesting dreams and goals. Citrine can be placed in a room to improve communication between family members or coworkers.  



garnet crystal collection white moon witchcraft


Fancy Jasper: Jasper is worn for stability, grounding, justice, integrity, practicality and reason. Jasper is a strong, solid security stone. It is worn to promote mental balance, sound decision making and keeping in touch with reality. It is believed to quiet anxiety over issues beyond your control, and to prevent misplaced emotional involvement. 

Garnet: Garnet is a beautiful deep, rich red colored stone, which represents love, devotion, passion,desire, commitment and an open heart. Garnet is a stone of strength, vitality and energy. It is worn to promote passion and create the positive attitude required for success. Garnet is considered protective, and transforms stagnant or negative energy into a more useful form. Garnet is believed to stimulate desire, uplift outlook and guard against insecurity and fear.  

pentagram necklaceAventurine:  Green Aventurine is a pale, soft  color and is worn to promote creativity, clarity, perception, opportunity, vision and action.  Green Aventurine is a stone of creativity, intelligence and deep perception. It opens the mind to hidden opportunity. This stone is also worn to ease heartache, heal hurt feelings and restore emotional balance.


Hematite: Hematite stones are strongly magnetic. For this reason they can be used in all types of attraction magick. Hematite is also associated with protection, grounding, reliability, and maintaining a realistic, clear perspective.

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Iron Pyrite: Iron Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold”, is a golden, shiny mineral associated with gambler’s luck, wealth and prosperity. It is worn to attract money and riches. It is also believed to promote a positive, sunny outlook, good attitude and a strong will to achieve one’s dreams.

lapis lazuli meaning white moon witchcraftLapis Lazuli:  Lapis Lazuli is deep blue, shot through with flecks of shining pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is worn to promote truth, inner power, insight, openness, psychic ability and spiritual evolution. Lapis Lazuli is a gem of spiritual openness and universal truth. It is worn during meditation to aid in receiving and interpreting intuitive thought. Lapis Lazuli can help you listen to the calling of your own soul and guide you on the path of spiritual awareness.

Malachite:  Malachite is a deep forest green, with varying stripes of dark and light green tones. It is stone of big changes, and is associated with adventure, new beginnings, transformation and rebirth.  


moonstone meaning white moon witchcraftMoonstone:  Moonstone is a soft milky grey colour, and is associated with the moon, intuition, life cycles, empathy and clairvoyance.  Moonstone is the gem of emotional love and deep connections between people. It encourages empathy and kindness when worn, and is thought to keep one in touch with their heart.

Moss Agate:  Moss Agate stone is worn to promote vitality, strength, courage and energy.  It is a stone of victory and physical stamina. Moss Agate is also worn to ward off anger, envy and other self-inflicted negativity.  The green gemstone is associated with the fruitfulness of the earth and therefore prosperity and luck.  

Peridot crystal meaningPeridot:  Peridot is a translucent mossy-green coloured stone, believed to dispel envy and promote forgiveness. It is worn for growth, positive change and moving forward in life.  Peridot is a prosperity stone, believed to attract money, business success, growth and abundance. It is worn to bring wealth and luck in all of its many forms. 

prehnite meaning white moon witchcraftPrehnite:   Prehnite is light green with darker green spots, and is worn to promote inner knowing, prophecy, divinity, clairvoyance and spiritual evolution.

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Quartz Crystal:
 Clear quartz is an all purpose, positive energy crystal. It is worn for balance, cleansing, general healing, personal power and energy. It amplifies and directs intent and is also worn to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Rainbow Fluorite:  Rainbow fluorite are pretty, transparent turquoise and purple stones, worn for progress, organization, concentration and to stimulate the intellect. It is also believed to align the body mind and spirit. 

jasper necklaceRed Jasper:  Red jasper is a rusty-brown stone, worn for stability, grounding, justice, integrity, practicality and reason.  Red jasper is a strong, solid security stone. It is believed to quiet anxiety over issues beyond your control, and to prevent misplaced emotional involvement. Red Jasper can bring slow, steady, positive changes. 

Rose Quartz:  Rose quartz is a soft pale pink stone, worn to promote love, happiness, peace, forgiveness and tolerance.  Rose quartz is a crystal with gentle, nurturing energy. It is worn to boost self confidence and to reveal inner beauty. It is also believed to attract friendships, romance, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Rose Quartz symbolizes love of self and love of others.

Selenite meaningSelenite:  Selenite shimmers with the milky whiteness of the moon. It connects us to spirit, acting as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realm. It is believed to simultaneously cleanse negativity and recharge positive energy. It connects us with our intuition, higher self and spirit guides. It promotes honesty and purity which lead to heightened personal vibrations.


selenite sphere white moon witchcraft




Serpentine:  New Jade, also called Serpentine, is a bright energetic green stone, worn for all things positive: Love, luck, longevity, happiness, serenity, wisdom and generosity.  

Smoky Quartz:   Smoky Quartz is a greyish brown transparent quartz, believed to lift the spirits. It is worn to promote positive thoughts, to ground and to center.  

Snowflake Obsidian:  Snowflake Obsidian is a solid black volcanic glass with white spots blossoming upon it that resemble snowflakes.  Snowflake Obsidian is a wise, centering mineraloid. It promotes balance and serenity, by gently drawing underlying issues to the surface to be dealt with. Snowflake Obsidian is worn to help bring order to one’s physical and earthly life, by harmonizing your inner and outer world. It is also believed to protect soft-hearted people. 

Sodalite:  Sodalite is a beautiful mix of different blue hues and white mixed in. It is worn to promote intelligence, communication, cooperation, knowledge, rationality and learning. It is great to wear while working in a group or in situations where it is important to communicate your ideas as well as understand other peoples' points of view.  Sodalite is the stone of wisdom, learning and study. It is associated with logic and intellect, and promotes control over one’s own mind. Sodalite clears mental noise so inner calm can blossom, clearing the way for self awareness and self improvement.

Tiger's Eye:  Tiger's eye is a warm golden brown colour, and represents integrity, truth, honor, loyalty, willpower and courage.  Tiger’s Eye stone is associated with luck and protection. Most of all it is considered a stone of truth-seeking. It is worn to diminish illusions, to aid in perception, and reveal the truth. Tiger’s Eye is believed to clear the inner vision, allowing you to detect manipulative or dishonest intentions. 

Tree Agate:  Tree Agate is a mottled white and bright green stone, worn for self discovery, growth, transformation, connection to nature and fertility of ideas. It is a wonderful stone for someone who is embarking on a new phase in their life or who craves life changes for the better. 

turquoise meaning white moon witchcraftTurquoise:  Turquoise is usually a bright blue with dark veining, and some brownish inclusions.  It is often dyed nowadays to achieve its brilliant colour.  Turquoise is considered a "master healer", and is worn to promote joy, inner beauty, peace, relaxation and contentment.  Turquoise is an all-around positivity stone. Throughout history it has been associated with love, prosperity, joy, friendship, beauty and protection. Turquoise is believed to attune with the energy of those who wear it, automatically focusing its power where it is most needed. Turquoise has been known to absorb and neutralize negativity, and to protect against others draining your personal power. 

unakite meaning white moon witchcrafftUnakite:  Unakite is a greenish red stone for Earth Lovers. It represents gentleness and a love of nature. It is a stone for people who strongly empathize with animals and all living things.  Unakite represents someone who is in touch with the earth and its inhabitants, both plants and animals. It is worn to increase one’s connection with the natural world. 

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