Herb Meanings

Here I have compiled a list of common herbs used in witchcraft, along with their traditional meanings in Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft tradition.  Each herb is believed to possess different energy, and can included in spells and amulets to attract or repel certain outcomes.  Herbs can be burned, sprinkled around, used in a sachet and carried, or worn in an amulet.  Browse the list to see which herbs are right for you, and then type the herb of your choice into the search bar to see the unique and interesting products available to you.**

catnip magical propertiesCatnip - Catnip is associated with joy, happiness, love, beauty and peace. It is also used in spells concerning your feline familiars.

Chamomile Chamomile is used in magick involving peace, love, dreams and meditation.

Dragon's Blood Resin - Dragon's Blood resin is used in purification and protection magick.

elderberry magical propertiesElder Berry - Elder berries are considered strongly protective against evil, negativity and hexes.  Elder berries are worn to bless and guard the individual, and are believed to ward off harm from others.  

FrankincenseFrankincense has been used for centuries in many different belief systems and traditions. It is believed to ward off evil, to cleanse and purify any area, to protect people from negativity and harm and to bring about blessings and positive energy.

jasmineJasmineJasmine flowers are believed to attract emotional love and are associated with beauty, kindness and romance. Jasmine is also believed to bring prophetic dreams and enhance psychic abilities. 

juniper berry metaphysical qualitiesJuniper BerryJuniper berries are believed to be a very strong protector. They are thought to shield the person who carries or wears them from evil people, theft, accidents, hexes and bad magick, negative spirits and nasty energy.

metaphysical properties of lavenderLavenderLavender has a wonderful crisp scent that is believed to aid restfulness and induce feelings of peace. Magickally, it is said to aid in attracting love and sex, and promoting feelings of happiness.

mandrake root witchcraft meaningMandrake - American Mandrake root, or “mayapple”, is used to bring protection and prosperity to the home. It is also used in love and sex magick. American Mandrake is a non-poisonous replacement for the deadly European Mandrake. In ancient times, Mandrake root was used by witches to fashion poppets or dolls for use in spell casting. 

mugwort magickal propertiesMugwortAccording to magickal folklore, mugwort is used to induce prophetic dreams, aid in astral travel, and to enhance psychic abilities. Mugwort can be worn while using tarot cards, runes or other divination tools to enhance their efficacy. 

Myrrh - Myrrh is used in purification and protection spells, and is associated with prosperity, blessings and health.

oak magical propertiesOak -  Oak trees have long been associated with magic of many different kinds. It's believed that the Oak is sacred to Witches, Druids, and old souls, being a symbol of protection and knowledge.
Other associations of oak wood, leaves and acorns are fertility, conception of ideas, protection, power and strength. 

passionflower magical propertiesPassionflower - Passionflower is an herb of peace and contentment. According to magickal folklore, passionflower is worn or placed in the home to calm chaotic energy and promote serenity. It is also believed to attract friendship. 

patchouli magickal propertiesPatchouliPatchouli leaf is believed to draw money, wealth and prosperity. It is also used to attract lust, sensuality and love.  Patchouli is associated with all things material and sensual, and is worn to attract earthly pleasures.

peppermint magical propertiesPeppermint - Peppermint is used in purification spells and rituals. It is believed to cleanse away negative energies, and is sprinkled around for this purpose, or made into a brew and used for the same purpose.

roses magical propertiesRosesRoses are a universal favorite ingredient in love spells. For centuries roses have symbolized beauty, affection, adoration, and above all, been given to express love and romance. Roses are also associated with psychic abilities and luck.

rosemary magical propertiesRosemaryRosemary is an all purpose magickal herb.  It is used in purification and protection rituals. It is believed to attract love, positivity and peace, and is worn as an all around good luck and protection charm.

sage magical propertiesSageSage is used for purifying an area or space, or to cleanse negative energy around a person. It is believed to promote wisdom and aid in meditation and spirituality.  Sage is also believed to have protective energies when worn or carried.

witch hazel magical propertiesWitch HazelWitch Hazel is believed to possess protective energy.  It can be worn to ease heartache and cool the passions, and is believed to help dispel overwhelming emotions.

Wormwood magical propertiesWormwoodWormwood is worn to enhance psychic abilities, divination and astral travel.  It can bring prophetic dreams and is believed to help connect us to the spirit world.  Wormwood is also used in protection spells.


**My herbs are not sold for ingestion or medicinal use.  If you have allergies or plant sensitivities, my herb items may not be right for you.