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This dainty ball-shaped locket is full of crushed rose quartz crystal, perfect for sprinkling loving, positive energy around!

Rose quartz is a crystal with gentle, loving, nurturing energy. Worn, it is believed to promote peace and happiness, to boost self confidence and to reveal inner beauty. It is also believed to attract friendships, romance, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Rose Quartz symbolizes love of self and love of others.

The sphere opens on a tiny hinge, and seals with a strong magnet. It is available in a silver finish or antique brass, and comes on matching chain in the length of your choice. I will include some extra rose quartz chips to refill your locket once it is empty, or you can put your own special keepsake inside.

This necklace will come packaged in a nice little organza bag, along with a scroll explaining the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz.

Unsure what gemstone is right for you?  For more gemstone and crystal meanings, please see my list of stones and their metaphysical properties.

Rose Quartz Crystal Locket Rose Quartz Crystal Locket

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Rose Quartz Crystal Locket