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Choose any 5 gemstones or crystals you'd like from the list below:

Desert Rose
Smoky Quartz (ranges in tone from smoky-clear to almost black)
Moss Agate
Black Onyx
Tiger's Eye
Garnet (small)
Magnetic Hematite
Iron Pyrite (rough)
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Black Tourmaline (rough)
Black Tourmaline (tumbled, small)
Selenite cube

You will receive the 5 stones of your choice. Write your choices in the "leave a note" section upon checkout.  If you don't contact me with your choice I will intuitively select 5 gemstones for you.

The stones you receive may vary slightly in size or shape from the photo.

Carry the stones with you, make into jewelry, use in your spellcraft or to enhance your energy work.

For a full list of the crystals and their metaphysical properties please click here.

Crystal Mix - Choose 5 Gemstones Crystal Mix - Choose 5 Gemstones

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Crystal Mix - Choose 5 Gemstones