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This charming spell kit contains a candle, crystals, oils and herbs believed in Wiccan, Pagan and witchcraft traditions to be associated with positive energy and joy. The kit contains basic supplies you can use while designing your own rituals and spells. You will receive:

-1 yellow votive candle scented with Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood and Frankincense, decorated with a hand made pentacle charm.
-1 dram (7.3 ml) of sacred anointing oil (Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Chamomile in jojoba base)
-1 three inch bag of dried herb and crystal mix
-1 Carnelian stone, 1 selenite cube, 1 moss agate
-1 scroll explaining how to use the above items.

This kit comes neatly packaged in a small box ready for gift giving.
Positivity Spell Kit Positivity Spell Kit

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