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Inside this locket is a carefully blended mixture of herbs, gems and crystals believed in Wiccan, Pagan and witchcraft traditions to be associated with protection. Wear the mixture in the locket as an amulet, or sprinkle burn some while visualizing your intent.


The necklace comes ready for gift giving in an organza bag, alongside a tea-stained scroll describing the purpose of the herb mix. It includes a small zippy bag of extra herb mixture to refill the pendant. I also include instructions on how to use your amulet, such as cleansing and empowering.

The spell mixture contains top quality herbs only, and for this reason the contents are slightly fragrant. If you have plant allergies this item may not be right for you.

This locket comes in silver plated or antique brass finish on a chain in the length of your choice. The locket itself seals with a strong magnet, and opens and closes easily.

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Protection Spell Amulet - Locket Protection Spell Amulet - Locket

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Protection Spell Amulet - Locket Protection Spell Amulet - Locket