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Set of 15 herbs for all your witchcrafting needs!

You will receive these 15 herbs, each in a 3" x 3" ziploc bag. (Not all 15 herbs are shown in the pictures).

1. Juniper berries
2. Wormwood (organic)
3. Patchouli Leaf (organic)
4. Mugwort (organic)
5. Sage (Crushed. Organic)
6. Witch Hazel Leaf
7. Lavender Flowers
8. Rose buds and petals
9. Chamomile Flowers
10. Jasmine Flowers
11. Peppermint
12. Catnip (Organic)
13. Elder Berries (Organic)
14. Rosemary
15. Passionflower

For a full list of herb meanings and uses please click here.

Dried herbs can be used in sachets, worn, burned as incense or sprinkled around during rituals and spells. These herbs are sold for use in magick and not for consumption.


Witchcraft Herbs set of 15 Witchcraft Herbs set of 15

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Witchcraft Herbs set of 15